Not only do mold and fungus cause foul odors, otherwise known as the “Dirty Sock” syndrome, but microbial organisms also restrict airflow and limit the heat transfer capability, which increases the operating cost of the equipment. The York Affinity UVC germicidal light irradiates areas inhabited by the organisms, making it impossible for them to survive. So, as the organisms disappear, the odors and IAQ complaints also disappear.

Many commercially available UVC lights are designed for optimal performance at room temperature and allow significant power reduction at lower temperature. However, to eliminate contaminants in HVAC systems, the UVC light must also be able to provide maximum dosage of UVC energy at 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit in a rapidly moving airstream, which is exactly what the York Affinity UVC high output, low temperature duty germicidal light is designed to do.

The York Affinity UVC germicidal light uses a blend of inert gases in the bulb and a specialized power supply that maintain the optimal plasma temperature inside the bulb even in a low temperature, moving airstream. This combination results in a UVC lamp that is perfect for an HVAC system. And the mixture of gases creates a bulb which does not produce UV with wavelengths of less than 200 nanometers, meaning the York Affinity UVC germicidal light does not contribute to ozone production.

The York Affinity UVC germicidal light must be changed at, or before, 9,000 hours (approximately twelve months) of operation to maintain design output and to ensure germicidal effectiveness. The York Affinity UVC germicidal light comes equipped with indicator lights on the front panel of the power supply housing that will change from blue to yellow to remind the consumer to contact the installing contractor to change the germicidal light. When the indicator light turns red, the lamp assembly must be replaced to maintain the highest level of performance.

The 115-volt York Affinity dual UVC germicidal kit is currently available for shipment. The single 115-volt and the 208/230-volt UVC germicidal kits, as well as the dual 208/230-volt UVC germicidal kit, will be available for shipment starting this month.