GF Piping Systems has introduced the Type 563 Aqua Butterfly Valve designed specifically for water applications.  With its low-cost PVC material and EPDM seal, this new specialty valve is priced to provide a very economical product for non-chemical water applications.  Suitable uses include swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, water processing, and filtration systems.

 The Type 563 Aqua Valve is available in sizes from 2 to 12 inches with either a lockable hand lever that moves in 5 degree increments, or with a gear operated wheel.  A glass-filled Polypropylene body and a specially engineered body seal with a Q-shaped O-ring eliminates the need for flat gaskets, allowing for easy installation between ANSI and DIN flanges.  Other features include bi-directional capability, operating temperatures from 32°F to 142°F, and a wetted inner body of PVC for optimum compatibility.  The valve also offers a high 150 psi rating not normally associated with large diameter sizes.

  The new Aqua Valve also features an innovative double eccentric operating principle that provides improved wear and easier operation over traditional eccentric style butterfly valves.  Key to its double eccentric disc design is the off-center shaft that allows the disc to completely disengage from the disc seal, even when partially open.  This reduces seal friction and improves seal wear characteristics, resulting in longer service life, minimal maintenance and better protection against pressure surges.  The double eccentric design also lowers the torque required to operate the valve, making for easy manual operation and use of smaller actuators at a significantly reduced cost.