The Larson Davis division of PCB Piezotronics announced the expansion of its Data, Navigation and Analysis (DNA) software package, to include support for all Larson Davis sound level instrumentation, including the new Model 831 and SoundTrack LxT®.

Larson Davis DNA is a Windows®-based, fully dedicated tool for sound and vibration exposure measurement, analysis, and reporting. Applications covered by DNA software include environmental noise monitoring; building and room acoustics; industrial hygiene; 3-D noise and vibration mapping; and consumer product noise and vibration analysis.

DNA software offers the possibility to satisfy all specific requirements for data management and creation of high quality charts, presentations and survey reports. Sound level instruments are completely controlled by the software, and data are displayed real-time on-screen. Any data acquired using DNA and read over a USB interface may be stored directly onto a PC, allowing for a fully integrated, flexible, and user-friendly reporting and analysis tool. This software also features a unique user interface with smart graphics, and an embedded predefined post-processing feature, allowing for speedy realization of final reports. Additional data may also be directly inserted into an existing report, with automatic re-compilation of data and analysis.  For detailed specifications and additional information, please visit