Awash in new talent, we bring good tidings for a new year.

Did you already read some other stuff inside first? And are you wandering back here now, wondering what’s up with the columnists that you didn’t recognize and thinking maybe the Editor’s Note has some sort of explanation? Well, it’s funny you should ask …

Not Exactly Rookies

John Kuempel, Jr., P.E. and Mark Jewell are new to the pages ofES, but they are far from new to the subject matter at hand.

Kuempel is VP for design-build at DeBra-Kuempel in Cincinnati. If you’ve paid much attention to ASHRAE sessions in past years, you may recognize his name as a regular presenter. Beyond participating in those seminars on a range of topics, he has also served on various ASHRAE technical committees.

His first role forES, however, will come in the form writing his “HydroTech” column. Hydronics has generated more and more positive feedback for us over the past year or two, and as an established technology that can find some new life as an “old-school” green solution in today’s environment, it will likely only attract more interest.

Kuempel’s breadth of knowledge spans well beyond the realm of hydronics – and we hope to recruit him for the occasional feature on other topics as time goes on – but in the meantime, “HydroTech” represents a valuable addition to our lineup. We suspect you’ll feel the same way after checking it out, starting with this month’s look at expansion tanks.

Meanwhile, Mark Jewell joins the ranks of entrepreneurs on theEScontributor roster. Jewell founded RealWinWin, consulting to help clients get the most out of their energy efficiency opportunities. Previously, he authored a very popular rebate column for another BNP Media magazine,Energy & Power Management(which has since evolved intoMission Critical Magazine).

Likewise, Jewell’s “Efficiency Incentives” column represents an evolution from a basic table format into a combination of easily digestible data and additional insights that will prove valuable for owners and facilities who might actually like to get paid for investing in equipment that would save them money anyway.

“Efficiency Incentives” will appear quarterly, whenever motors and drives are on our editorial calendar. However, there is money to be saved and/or made via rebates and incentives beyond that category, and you can expect a broader range of tips as such circumstances arise, too.

We extend a hearty welcome to Mssrs. Kuempel and Jewell, and we thank them for coming on board to expand the core of good, practical information we offer to you. Add Paul Ehrlich and Ira Goldschmidt at the helm of the “Building Automation” column, as mentioned last month, and the new year’s fresh perspectives in these pages are matched only by the know-how of the authors.

Back2Basics Webinar, Volume 2

Several hundred readers checked out the “Back2Basics Webinar Series” maiden voyage. Have you registered for the second installment? Stop in this month to sign up and jot down a couple of questions for the live Q&A segment. The early February event will be here in no time, but on the good side, it’s still free; details are in the calendar listing to the right.

One More New Face

Kevin Heslin crafts the editorial lineup for the aforementionedMission Critical Magazine, a sister publication of ours. As especially dedicated readers may have noticed, we’ve ratcheted up our own mission critical coverage for this year, offering not one but two issues with that theme. Which makes it all the more convenient that Kevin is joining us as a contributing editor.

Data centers, in particular, continue to be perhaps the hottest application topic around, but Heslin’s experience with the subject matter will no doubt help you keep your cool in the face of ever-increasing loads. He’ll be around in the meantime, but don’t miss his contributions when the topic comes up. As the old saying almost went, the computer room you save could be your own.ES