The National Ground Water Association is holding a Geothermal Heat Pump Conference and Workshops August 21-22, 2006, in Columbus, OH. The conference is intended for geothermal industry professionals including engineers, equipment and materials suppliers, and contractors. To learn more, visit and click on "Events & Education."

A keynote address entitled, "Opportunities in the Geothermal Industry," will be presented by Phil Rawlings, CGD, of Co-Energy Group LLC. The conference also will include a field trip to area geothermal installations.

Other conference topics include:

  • Vertical closed-loop installation
  • Large commercial installations
  • Single-family installations
  • Drilling technologies for geoexchange wells
  • Grouting geothermal wells
  • The business of heat pump well construction
  • Economics of geothermal systems for the buyer
  • Working with electric utilities
  • Open-loop installation applications
  • Formation thermal conductivity testing
  • System maintenance. To learn more, visit and click on "Events & Education."