Clasma, Inc., a specialized marketing firm for the building systems industry and organizers of theBuilConn Forum, recently announced the creation of a Technology Advisory Board comprised of elite industry leaders to supervise the delivery of pertinent technical content at the BuilConn Forum, April 13-16, 2004 in Dallas.

The objective of the board is to ensure all information delivered at the BuilConn Forum is relevant, objective and of critical interest to the conference attendees. The primary attraction of BuilConn is the unique mix of content not attainable at any other industry gathering. BuilConn stresses the importance and inevitability of IT convergence with the wide array of building systems including HVAC, security, lighting control, access control, CCTV and open systems technologies.

"The creation of this board is paramount to the success and integrity of the BuilConn Forum, and every conference attendee will reap the benefit of their involvement," Anto Budiardjo, Clasma, Inc. president and BuilConn organizer, said. "These individuals are technology leaders in their respective fields and will impart unparalleled insight and vision to the BuilConn message."

BuilConn's Technology Advisory Board is made up of 12 individuals from an extensive cross-section of the industry including security solution providers, HVAC and energy management professionals, and IT companies throughout the nation.

Each member holds a leadership position at their particular organization, and each has decades of experience in their respective industry. The vast array of subject experts ensures BuilConn presents a balanced and thorough representation of the networked buildings industry. The BuilConn Advisory Board consists of, in alphabetical order:

  • Peter Beare, Peter Beare and Associates
  • Alex Chervet, product marketing manager, Echelon Corp.
  • Paul Ehrlich, Building Automation Division, Trane; chairman, oBIX
  • Keith E. Gipson, CEO and CTO, Impact Facility Solutions
  • Earl Grey, CTO, ARAS Systems Inc.; chairman, LonMark Interoperability Association
  • Jim Lee, president/CEO, Cimetrics Inc.; president, BACnet Manufacturer's Association
  • Peter Manolescue, managing director, securityXML, Ltd.
  • Kirk McElwain, technical director, CABA
  • John Petze, president and CEO, Tridium Inc.
  • Anno Scholten, vice president of Engineering, eStructures, Inc.
  • Ken Sinclair, editor and owner, Engineered Systems Contributing Writer,
  • Lars Van der Haegen, product management/communications, Belimo Aircontrols

    The BuilConn Forum is an event designed specifically for systems integrators, control contractors and security dealers. It is these individuals who face the unique challenge of designing and integrating building systems so they operate together to provide building owners, occupants and managers with increased value. This event is unlike any other in the industry as it offers a comprehensive view of the networked buildings systems industry, and is targeted specifically at industry stakeholders. For further information, please visit