Fundamental Courses in Hydronic Heating & Design,the venerable I=B=R Schools offered by the Hydronics Institute Division of GAMA for more than 50 years will be managed by Business News Publishing (BNP) starting this fall. The new structure provides an ideal blend of resources that ultimately will reward I=B=R class attendees, according to both groups.

“BNP is an excellent partner for promoting and managing the I=B=R Schools,” said Hydronics Institute Educational Chairman Joe Coppola. “BNP’s publications are well-known for their in-depth coverage of hydronics and related heating technologies. We are very excited about reaching thousands of heating professionals with our schools.”

“BNP is honored to manage the I=B=R Schools and assist the Hydronics Institute Division of GAMA in its mission to educate the industry,” said BNP Co-CEO Taggart Henderson. “We look forward to using our complete resources to promote these classes and invigorate the learning opportunities for the contractors, facility managers, engineers, technicians, and other pros who read our publications.”

“I=B=R classes have been offered since the 1950s. While equipment and technology have matured, the basic fundamentals of hydronic heating remain constant,” Coppola said. “The classes explain how technological advances and fundamentals work together to provide what many consider the ideal heating system.”

“I=B=R classes have undergone a big transformation over the last few years,” Coppola added. “A major enhancement has been the use of a new hands-on training manual, Residential Hydronic Heating Design/Installation. The 400-page book features more than 300 full-color illustrations with instruction and commentary.”

Three expert instructors will be teaching the classes: Jim Roche, past I=B=R instructor and retired technical staff member for a boiler manufacturer; Jim Goins, author, engineer and former training instructor for boiler manufacturers; and Dan Almeida, a boiler installer and teacher with more than 20 years of industry experience.

“The course instructors — Jim Roche, Jim Goins and Dan Almeida — are seasoned pros,” said Dan Holohan, a leading hydronics author, speaker, and consultant. “Here are guys who speak the language of the people in the field. They’ll share their love and enthusiasm for hydronic heating with the students who are lucky enough to attend the new school. Whether you’re just starting out, or have many years in the trade, you’ll learn from these men. I sure have,” Holohan added.

I=B=R classes are held over two days and will be offered in several locations beginning in November. Anticipated locations include: New Haven (CT), Boston/Marlboro (MA), Saddlebrook (NJ), New Brunswick (NJ), Rochester (MN), and Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN). The course fee of $395 includes the illustrated training manual, lunches, and certificate of completion. To view the upcoming schedule of I=B=R classes, visit Or, contact Keri Wrobel at 248-362-3700.

GAMA is a non-profit industry association with more than 220 members. The Hydronics Institute Division is comprised of more than 60 manufacturers of hydronic heating equipment. Founded in 1915 as the National Boilers and Radiation Manufacturers Association, its name was changed in 1929 to the Institute of Boilers and Radiation and in 1970 to the Hydronics Institute. In 1995, HI became a division of GAMA. For more information, visit

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