ASHRAEis revising its self-directed learning courses to incorporate the latest technologies, while the "fundamentals" will remain the same. Revision of the nine-course Fundamentals series will take place over the next two years. It was created in 1995.

"By updating the series, we hope to create a resource that maintains ASHRAE on the leading edge of HVAC and R education," Bill Root, chair of ASHRAE's Course Development Committee, said. "These updates also could serve as the basis for any certificate program created by ASHRAE."

The first revision will be to Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Psychrometrics. It will be divided into two courses, Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, which will be completed by June 2004, and Fundamentals of Psychrometrics, which will be completed by September 2004. In addition, a new course, Fundamentals of Steam System Design, is being created.

"The fundamental materials of most of the courses will remain the same," Root said. "The revisions will focus on updates to keep pace with advances in research, ASHRAE standards as well as materials and equipment."

Proposed revisions include updating Heating and Cooling Loads to match the latest methods in the ASHRAE Handbook, Fundamentals; reformatting HVAC Systems to expand upon the changes in many HVACR systems available today; and rewriting the direct digital control chapter of Controls to include current technology.

ASHRAE's Fundamentals series currently includes courses on HVAC systems, thermodynamics and psychrometrics, heating and cooling loads, air system design, water system design, heating systems, electrical systems and building electrical energy use, HVAC control systems, and refrigeration.

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