NFPAawarded three students with scholarships from its Fire Safety Educational Memorial Fund, based on their academic achievement, leadership qualities, commitment to volunteerism and pursuit of careers in fire safety. Bonnie Bleskachek, who is pursuing a bachelor's degree in fire service administration at Southwest Minnesota State University, was awarded the Memorial Fund's most recently designated scholarship - the George D. Miller Scholarship - established in 2002. Stephen I. Kerber, a volunteer firefighter who is studying for his master's degree in fire protection engineering at the University of Maryland, was awarded the John J. Jablonsky Scholarship, which aids graduate students in fire protection engineering programs in the United States and Canada. The David B. Gratz Scholarship, established for students enrolled in fire science or engineering programs outside the United States or Canada, was awarded to Fiona Suk-chong Tsui, who is studying for a PhD in building services engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.