The American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (ASME, New York) nominating committee recently selected the following members for office with terms beginning in June 2003. The membership will vote on them in September. Nominees to the board of governors areThomas M. Barlow, Roy L. Breaux, Jr., and D. Yogi Goswami. Vice president nominees are:Frederick J. Kasparian, Region I;Brian D. Erbstoesser, Region VII;Lynden F. Davis, Region IX;Lee E. Crawford, Region XI; (Akife) Nilufer Ergican, Region XIII;Madiha Kotb, Conformity Assesment;Walter W. Laity, Engineering Education;Robert T. Simmons, Engineering & Technology Management;Karen A. Moore, Environment & Transportation;Robert N. Pangborn, Government Relations;David C. Wisler, IGTI;Larry C. Dickinson, Member Interests & Development; andBradley D. Closson, Safety Codes & Standards.