Watts has announced “Pressure Management for Water Loss Control in Public Water Systems” — an ASPE-accredited webinar worth 0.1 CEUs.

The webinar takes place April 25 at noon Eastern time. Participants will learn how managing pressure in public water systems both improves water efficiency and mitigates water losses.

Attendees will also learn how active management of pressure in public water systems (PWS) helps to meet service needs while extending asset life and reducing instances of infrastructure failure. Through actively managing pressure, a PWS is able to address the EPA’s Intervention step for real water losses.

The webinar will review: 

  • Providing cost-effective solutions to water loss control.
  • Understanding effective control valve features in managing “background” leakage.
  • The value of retrofitting existing control valves to mitigate real water losses in public water systems.
  • Adding double check control valve stations to mitigate water pressure transients and backsiphonage conditions.