BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. —The Pyure Company launched a new line of advanced portable air purification products for the janitorial and sanitization (Jan-San) industry, designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). With a new modern design, Pyure’s portable air purification products will keep things simple for operators with minimal, rapid maintenance and easy controls.

With COVID-19 and the seasonal flu top of mind, Pyure’s hydroxyl generating technology dynamically protects air and surfaces indoors, keeping occupants healthy and productive while having the added benefit of VOC, odor, and mold reduction. The range of new portable units covers a variety of room sizes, from an office or boardroom to a gymnasium, easily treating viruses and bacteria in places such as daycares, schools, and workplaces. 

"Now more than ever, Jan-San companies are being asked to protect building occupants from airborne and surface viruses and bacteria,” said Jeremy Peterosn, chief growth officer, The Pyure Co. “Their customers are demanding products with proven efficacy that keeps occupants safe and blend seamlessly into corporate and scholastic environments, while offering ease of use and energy efficiency. Our portable solutions are backed by some of the most comprehensive testing data in the industry and provide cost-effective solutions that meet all Jan-San needs."

Constructed with aluminum for lightweight and durability, the advanced, portable air purification products feature a new modern design that compliments commercial interiors. The new ceiling-mount Profile™ air purifier blends into the ceiling and has an easy installation process by simply removing a standard 2-by-2-foot ceiling tile. Thanks to their ergonomic design, Pyure portable air purification products also provide easy access for filter and UV Optic replacement.

The new products include an intuitive interface that offers simplicity in operation and control with the ability to modify the LED brightness, indicate the status of the purifier, and lock controls. Along with the new appearance, the Pyure units can be run at low sound levels that disappear into background ambient noise. For more information, visit