ST. LOUIS — Nidec announces a step forward in its brand cooperation in the U.S., extending its line of HVACR solutions for the aftermarket segment. The existing HVACR aftermarket U.S. MOTORS® structure will now include the Embraco solutions in the U.S. in order to deliver a broader portfolio capable of meeting customer needs through products with high standards of quality, performance, and high efficiency.

In 2019, Nidec Corp. acquired Embraco from Whirlpool Corp., adding the business unit to the Nidec Global Appliance division. In the beginning of 2020, the HVACR business unit, responsible for the U.S MOTORS brand for HVAC applications and already a part of the Nidec Corp., also joined the same division, aiming to leverage synergies among the strong brands and resources. 

Both brands (Embraco and U.S. MOTORS) play a vital role in the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) value chain and also with wholesalers and distributors who need replacement motors for major OEM equipment. From the advanced technology of variable-speed, electronically commutated motors (ECMs) to NEMA Premium® efficient motors, the U.S. MOTORS brand is an industry leader and will be widening its offering through the addition of Embraco’s products.

One in five compressors in the world today has the Embraco brand, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the whole cold chain. The brand has a robust portfolio, including fixed- and variable-speed compressors approved for natural and transitory refrigerant utilization that can be applied in residential and commercial equipment. Embraco also provides complete refrigeration circuits, such as sealed and condensing units as well as service parts, such as inverters and capacitors. 

“The Nidec Global Appliance division brings together extensive resources for engineering, marketing, sales, distributing, service, and training,” said Ryan Wade, sales and marketing vice president at HVACR Motors. "Our well-respected brands offer unique strengths and complementary opportunities to serve our OEM and aftermarket customers. I’m excited that we are adding Embraco compressor products to the HVACR aftermarket customer base in the United States. The union of both portfolios deepens our breadth in the aftermarket marketplace.”

“Embraco is already known for quality, efficiency and innovation,” said Kerry O’Brate, aftermarket sales senior manager, Nidec Global Appliance, responsible for Embraco’s portfolio for North America. “As such, it only makes sense to associate it with the other strong brands, such as U.S. MOTORS, making our offer to the market even more complete.”

The Nidec Global Appliance division has a production capacity of 70 million units of motors and compressors per year. It has a sales presence in more than 80 countries. More than 50 laboratories are dedicated to research and development. For more information, visit