The staff of Engineered Systems remains committed to providing the technology and insight necessary for consulting/specifying, mechanical, and facility engineers to succeed in designing the built environment’s present and future. Our coverage of the industry continues to evolve. Listed here are a couple of ways we're expanding our coverage to ensure this publication continues to serve as a valuable resource for the engineering sector. 

E-Magazine Format

In July 2020, Engineered Systems became a fully digital publication. This digital-first approach allows us to publish news, products, and feature articles quicker and in greater detail through the use of living, breathing, real-time production. Last month, we unveiled our upgraded e-magazine format. This new, vertically scrolling interface focuses on providing readers a more intuitive, interactive experience. Stories "come to life" through adaptive graphics, video presentations, audio files, and more. If you haven't checked it out, please do so today by visiting

Security and Resiliency

The engineering industry is resilient but don’t take my word for it. Flip ahead to our new Security and Resiliency column, written by Scott Campbell, senior vice president of structures and codes at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Campbell is well-versed in the engineering trade, having owned his own consulting firm. He is also an active member of ASHRAE, boasting nearly 20 years of membership, serving on the Seismic and Wind Design and Acoustics Technical Committees as well as the HVAC Security (now Security and Resilience) committee, which he chaired for six years. In this column, Campbell will examine the steps the mechanical industry must consider to rebuild the built environment after the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure it’s prepared for future threats. 

Equipment Podcast

Breaking news, product announcements, and Howard McKew. Since 1992, those have been the staples of Engineered Systems. This month, we plunge further into McKew's vast expertise as he will host a new equipment-based podcast. In this monthly audio file, McKew will select a specific piece of HVAC piece of equipment and highlight some of the intricacies associated with its design, installation, and operation. Keeping it brief, this 10- to 15-minute conversation will provide information pertinent to designers, manufacturers' representatives, contractors, operations and maintenance staff, facility managers, and more. 

Deeper Dive

Have you ever read a magazine article and desired more information? We’ve got you covered. In this issue, Joseph Hauf, vice president of engineering services at Conquest Firespray, examines the fire and life safety challenges and considerations engineers must address when designing large arena spaces with inflated occupant numbers. In a new video series titled, “A Deeper Dive into Engineered Systems,” Hauf and David Stacy, principal and founder of Performance Based Fire Protection Engineering, further discuss this article and offer their top five life safety considerations consulting/specifying engineers should consider when designing an arena.

Facility Files/Mechanical Mavericks

Further capitalizing on the power of video, we rolled out two new video features on our website last year — the Facility Files and Mechanical Mavericks. The Facility Files series showcases the mechanical engineering’s impact through video case studies. These videos feature interviews with designers and facility managers on-site, providing an in-depth look at the design work that’s shaping the face of America. The Mechanical Mavericks series features design discussions with some of mechanical engineering’s thought leaders. Thus far, we’ve spoken with Ash Awad, chief market officer, McKinstry; Justin Garner, P.E., CxA, vice president, Engineered Air Balance Co. Inc.; and Wade Conlan, P.E., CxA, commissioning discipline manager, Hanson Professional Services Inc. We look forward to continuing to showcase some of engineering’s brightest minds throughout 2021 and beyond. Are you interested in partnering with us on one or more of these endeavors? Your participation could be a great way to position yourself and your firm as industry thought-leaders. Don’t hesitate to connect with me at any time and we can explore the possibilities.