HOUSTON — Honeywell announced that Global Control Pte Ltd, a global heating system original equipment manufacturer (OEM), is incorporating Honeywell technologies, including the ControlEdge™ HC900 controller, into its heat treatment solutions to help its customers improve their asset performance, reduce their inventory and lifecycle costs, and save energy.

When integrated into Global Control’s furnaces and ovens, ControlEdge HC900 provides a wide range of new end-user capabilities. For example, it simplifies process ID (PID) execution and eliminates the requirement for an external controller, reducing overall maintenance requirements. It also provides end users with the flexibility to run temperature profiles directly from the human-machine interface instead of downloading the program in the controller every time they use it. Furthermore, Honeywell’s efficient global supply chain combined with Global Control’s forecasting capabilities facilitates timely delivery and on-time startup. Through Global Control’s service and support offering, end users benefit from consistent Honeywell hardware and software enhancements and upgrades that increase performance further.

“We decided that the best way to differentiate our products and reduce our inventory and life cycle costs would be to standardize on an advanced, scalable automation platform,” said Nick Law, managing director, Global Control. “Honeywell was the obvious choice because of its proven technology, global reputation, and comprehensive worldwide support capabilities. Combining Honeywell’s product strengths with our application knowledge creates a compelling value proposition for our customers around the world, and we look forward to mutually beneficial, long-term engagement with Honeywell.”

In addition to creating a better product for end-user customers, the Honeywell solution provides Global Control with multiple strategic and competitive advantages. For example, ControlEdge HC900’s dedicated library of function blocks for heat treatment applications enables Global Control to reduce engineering effort and accelerate the time to commercialization of the integrated offerings. Additionally, ControlEdge HC900’s tight integration with other Honeywell solutions, such as the Experion® HS SCADA control system and SmartLine transmitters, helps Global Control reduce inventory and expedite deliveries.

“Through our OEM Program, we’re strengthening relationships with OEMs in segments such as heat treatment and, crucially, that’s resulting in better products for end users,” said Bharat Sharma, business leader, modular systems, Honeywell Process Solutions. “In the case of Global Control, it’s a win-win for us, them, and their customers, who can leverage Honeywell expertise to help them improve asset and safety performance and reduce operational costs.”

Honeywell’s ControlEdge HC900 is an advanced safety and process controller with a modular, scalable design built to accommodate demanding applications and control a wide range of process equipment cost-effectively. It can be used in SIL2-level safety applications, such as emergency shutdown, critical controls, burner management systems, pipeline monitoring, fire and gas, and tunnel ventilation systems. ControlEdge HC900 helps industrial furnace manufacturers improve the performance, efficiency, and compliance of their heat treatment operations. More than 2,000 ControlEdge HC900 deployments globally are heat treatment applications. For more information, visit: www.honeywellprocess.com/oem.