America, as well as the rest of the world, is fighting to beat a pandemic crisis like nothing experienced since the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. We know we will win sooner rather than later, but this got myself and the people at Engineered Systems magazine asking, “We’ll beat this virus but at what cost to the HVAC industry?” In particular, what about small engineering businesses? Will they survive? 

Sure, big business will make it through, and then there are the medium-sized companies that no one talks about. The large companies have size, backlog, financial stability, etc. Small businesses don’t have any of this. Today, I’m semi-retired and operate a small business — a company of one. I will make it through this pandemic to work and enjoy another day, but this won’t be the case for so many small businesses in the HVAC building industry.

Small businesses, as well as medium-size firms, are struggling to survive.

Initially, we were told our government’s stimulus package was focused too heavily toward big business, but the revised stimulus package eventually included more funding for small businesses. Still, the federal government funds may come too late for so many small companies fighting the fight to stay “afloat.” Just like big business, these companies have bills to pay and employees counting on regular paychecks. 

I work closely with one woman business enterprise (WBE) startup firm that was just beginning to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” when this pandemic virus halted construction, and life as we know it, in the Northeast. With no consulting engineers designing new projects, and no HVAC contractors buying equipment, this small business has been put on hold until the shelter-in-place ends. 

The individuals behind these small businesses, especially the recent startup companies, have committed their professional lives, family time, and all available financial resources to achieve their HVAC dreams and serve as contributors and positive influences within the HVAC building industry.

In the meantime, many larger companies are sending out their e-blasts to everyone on their contact lists, reminding them, “We are here for you and our primary concern is for you to remain healthy, follow the guidelines to shelter-in-place, distance-socializing, etc., but, if you need us, you can call, text, email, etc. For example, banks are directing their customers to use the drive-up banking option or continue to use online banking. 

This e-blast idea most certainly came from some large company’s enormous marketing department. Now, others have followed suite, and we’re all inundated with these emails from organizations reminding us that they are here for us. That said, what about the small businesses that most likely lack marketing departments? Where do small businesses go for marketing help in this pandemic period not seen in 100 years? Well, if you are reading this column, then you are an Engineered Systems magazine subscriber. We want to help you reach your existing and prospective customers. 

We’re offering the templated message above. You are welcome to use it by downloading it from or emailing me at If you need help customizing it with your contact information, we can help with that as well. Feel free to add this as an email signature and/or send this customized e-blast email out to all you clients and potential clients with your contact information included directly below it.

Why are we offering this free e-blast message template to our readers? Just like the messages states: “A new day is rising, and we want you to know we are with you in these challenging times. We are still working, even though we may be at home, but if you need us, please email us. We’re ready to help. Stay safe and healthy.”