We submitted our event overview for AIA credits a few days ago, so I thought I'd get some more mileage out of our professional blurb-writing and share an overview with you as we get ready for "Planning Your Cooling In Critical Facilities" coming to the AHR Expo free of charge on Wednesday, January 22.

So, straight from the AIA application:

"The presentation will discuss how to optimize cooling plant performance and minimize expense in a variety of settings with inherently critical/restrictive HVAC requirements, for the benefit of system design engineers, facility engineering professionals, and others. In the health care sector, we look at a retrofit for a 117-bed critical care hospital and the strategies it used to reduce existing annual energy usage by over 20%.

Another component will focus on data centers, presenting a comparison of direct air-side and indirect evaporative air-side economizers for these applications. That will explore recommended guidelines for enterprise or colocation data centers, and will also compare energy and water use for centers in several different climatic conditions.

The final component of the presentation discusses ways to optimize cooling plant performance and minimize expense for a facility with 25,000T cooling capacity. Demand includes campus comfort and process load in areas such as office, labs, and data centers. Technologies considered include steam and electric-driven chillers, free cooling, thermal storage, variable-primary chilled water flow, and industrial controls."

Should be a worthwhile couple of hours, and not just because it's free and you can give your feet a couple of hours off from pounding the pavement at the Expo. Join us to hear Paul Ehrlich of Building Intelligence Group, Jeff Seewald of Sebesta Blomberg, and Thomas Squillo of Environmental Systems Design cover all these bases plus some Q&A from you in New York.

Register here to save one of only 75 seats, and I'll see you there.