How many blogs are there? I would suggest one too many if I am now contributing to one. But with that said, since the ES blog is aimed at a targeted engineering audience, at least we won’t be offering insights to the secret life of our pets, or our children’s pre-school graduation drama … unless of course we run out of technical material.

When Robert Beverly asked me to jump into the social media muck, I figured why not. I have an opinion and a keyboard, how tough can it be to share a stream of consciousness. But when I sat down to draft my first missive to the e-masses, I felt a compulsion to actually offer something of value, and crafting a few words that actually kick start thought or a conversation is a tougher nut to crack than I realized.

With that said, have you thought recently about social media and its relevance in your life as an engineer? Besides boosting the egos of those who share their every move on Twitter, or dare I say those of us contributing to blogs, is there a useful impact to the exercise? I would like to think so, especially due to the immediacy of the medium. There is a real opportunity for almost- real-time dialogue on relevant issues both great and small.

So, what interests you? I am considered a pretty smart guy when it comes to HVAC design in general and Mission Critical design in particular. I’m the father of teenage boys and I have a Golden Retriever named Cooper. I work for a large firm, but I have worked for small shops as well. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite number is five. I have designed and managed projects. I have managed programs and people. My wife is my best friend.

Do you have questions or comments about touchy topics hiding behind unassuming acronyms like DCIM, DOAS and LEED? Then there are “The Versus.” Like variable-primary versus constant-primary-variable-secondary, or overhead VAV versus UFAD, and of course, Ginger versus Mary Ann?

Can any of these things start a digital dialogue?

Rules of engagement: No politics, religion or sales. Let’s keep it cordial, communal, and collegiate. And if you are a troll and have nothing nice to say, then please just move on … and what in the world are you doing trolling an engineering blog anyway? Get a life.

OK, then. Your turn …