In December, the ABMA released a statement on the EPA’s delay in enacting the MACT maximum achievable control technology) rules for boilers. Yours truly reported from the summer ABMA meeting in the September issue ofEngineered Systems,at which the MACT rule was discussed. In effect, “the MACT, as it is currently proposed, would set emission standards for five pollutants: mercury, dioxin, PM surrogates from non-mercury metals, HCL as a surrogate for acid gases, and CO as a surrogate for non-dioxin organic air toxins. The EPA's stated goal is to prevent 2,000 premature deaths by improving IAQ.

“Other proposed MACT requirements include tune-ups of both new and existing gas-fired units; energy assessments of existing sources, which must be performed by a qualified individual; and compliance during startups, shutdowns and malfunction events.”

Read the ABMA’s statementhere.