The end of a year is a good time for reflection and also a good time for looking ahead. Don't ask why that is so. I don't know. People say the same thing about birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, and spring cleaning. I guess that people just want to reflect because it is the New Year, and Dick Clark says it is so.

I'm in a unique position as the author of two blogs. In this space, I'm going to list the 25 most visited, downloaded, or viewed content on our website. I'll be using my other blog, the Open Forum blog, to look forward to events in 2010. So here's the list:

  1. The Containerization of the Data Center by Dennis Cronin of Gilbane (January/February 2009)
  2. Emerson Walks Path to LEED Certification by David Sonner of Emerson Network Power (January/February 2009)
  3. Magnetic Bearings Make Smaller Power Generation Units Possible by Todd Reitsma of Skf Bearing Division (Spring 2008)
  4. Generator Fuel Systems Affect Uptime by Doug Nakano of Fuel Oil Systems, (Summer 2008)
  5. Protecting your Power Means Protecting the Generator by Jim Iverson of Cummins (Fall 2008)
  6. Deep in the Heart of Texas' new stadium. Tour the Dallas Cowboys new stadium, from the end zone to its mission critical facilities, Video produced by CommScope 
  7. U.S. Data Centers Save Energy Now, a white paper by GroveIT 
  8. Using Thermal Energy Storage for Data Center Cooling, a white paper by Fortress Internation
  9. Fiery Result. Cummins Power Generation's innovative High Endurance Mechanism (HEM), designed to ride through a fault condition undamaged and retain its capability to carry 100 percent of the rated load. Magnetic forces developed during a fault cause a typical transfer switch's contacts to blow open, producing an electrical explosion that often results in extensive internal damage to the switch, requiring replacement of contacts, arc chutes and, in some cases, the controller. This video shows one such explosion.
  10. Innovating in a Time of Change: Investment and Technical Trends in the Data Center, a white paper from Commscope
  11. Focus on Regulations, Katherine Kaplan, program leader for the U.S. EPA talks about deadlines and coming events in programs addressing energy use in data centers. Of particular interest is a webinar on May 7th, which is an update of efforts to develop an Energy Star Data Center rating system.
  12. The Green Grid Data Center Power Efficiency Metrics: PUE and DCiE, a white paper by the Green Grid
  13. Out of Power Out of Cooling Out of Power, Out of Cooling a white paper by Eaton's Dr. Kenneth Uhlman and UTC's  James VanderPas 
  14. Myths of Data Center Regulation, a video by Digital Realty Trust
  15. The Prescient Data Center Manager by David Brown of NDSL (May-June 2009)
  16. Five Considerations for Powering Data Center Racks by Ashish Moondra of Avocent (Winter 2008)
  17. Virtualization Leads to Power and Cooling Savings, Jack Pouchet from Emerson looks at how virtualization affects power and cooling.
  18. The Green Information Technology Revolution by Bob Moore of HP (Winter 2008)
  19. Intel Eco-Technology Great Debates: Brick-and-Mortar vs. Container, a video produced by Intel. With the recent focus on energy-efficient computing, the industry is clamoring for information. Watch the debate between brick-and-mortar and container data centers.
  20. How Redundancy Can Lead to Failure by Julius Neudorfer of NAAT (September/October 2008)
  21. Cold Aisle Containment for Improved Data Center Cooling Efficiency, a white paper from Rittal.
  22. Tackling Today’s Data Center Energy Efficiency Challenges – A Software-Oriented Approach, a white paper from Schneider Electric.
  23. PAYGO for Data Center -- Modular Infrastructure, a white paper from BKM Mission Critical
  24. Protect Ac Motor Bearings in VFD Applications Protect Ac Motor Bearings in VFD Applications by William Oh (September/October 2008)
  25. (tie). The Hidden Danger of Arc Flash The Hidden Danger of Arc Flash by Douglas H. Sandberg (June/July 2009)
  26. (tie). PG&E Leads Consortium to Encourage Data Center Efficiency by Bruce Myatt (January/February 2009)
  27. (tie). Tour Google's Containerized Data Centers, a video produced by Google