You may remember that I blogged in this space about a Social Media experiment I ran, with the goal of adding Kevin Bacon as a Facebook friend. Embarrassingly, a few hours later I read about the number of Facebook spoof pages. I never heard from Kevin. I'd say I fell for the oldest trick in the book, but this was Facebook so how old could it be? 

Still, Mission Critical has been successfully using Twitter, LinkedIn, webinars, and its in-house blogs to develop and disseminate information. I just blogged results from polls taking during our March 19th webinar (further down on the page). Fascinating results, including the continuing resistance to measure PUE in data centers. Almost 70 percent did not measure PUE according to our snap poll.

I've been using Twitter to follow discussions of Google's April 1 tour of its data centers. I won't recap what I read here because you can follow these discussions yourself. But please make a point to read Deb Grove’s and Dave Ohara’s takes on the event, as they each covered something out of the mainstream. Blogs like these and the Twitter and YouTube posts I have seen mean that the content of the Google event has already travelled around the world and back.


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