Today is not a day for examining details of policy; rather it is a day of aspiration. It is a day for celebrating a nation that invented the orderly transition of power when Thomas Jefferson became its President, then reaffirmed its commitment to that concept in 1865 when Lincoln made his second inaugural addresses, and refined it numerous times in the more than 140 years since then. Today is also a day to recognize our partial fulfillment of Martin Luther King's dream and to envision even further progress. After all, some truths we hold to be self-evident.
And today, the nation's mission critical operations have a new chief executive, and yes, he carries a Blackberry so that he can know when some aspect of the operation goes down. I don't believe President Obama will be reading Mission Critical today looking to improve the PUE of government facilities, but I expect that his team will be looking to improve the nation's mission critical operations and reduce its energy footprint.
It's always been widely reported that the Obama administration will appoint a virtual CTO or technology czar to deal with problems plaguing our technology infrastructure.
I'd like to compile a list of specific suggestions for helping the administration achieve these goals, so that I can forward them to as many levels of government as possible, including the technology czar or the President himself, should I get the opportunity. Perhaps I can reach him on his Blackberry.