In the mix - This year marks my 11th AHR/ASHRAE sojourn, and this year is easily -- I mean easily -- the most diverse group of attendees that I have seen. That goes equally for age range, sex, and ethnic background. The difference is striking, and while I'm not sure of the contributing factors, it has to be a good sign.

Not all rose-colored - Went to one of the several seminars Ken Sinclair organizes each year with his friend and ES author, David Branson and colleagues. Good info about the cutting edge and future wave of technology, as usual. However, the discontent at the gap (real or perceived) between what's discussed at such events and what gets implemented out in the field is palpable. Sometimes it sounds more like cynicism, other times more like frustration, depending on the person.

The bright side is, a lot of this content used to be phrased in terms of what will be available, and now, much more of it can be discussed in terms of availability right now. Funding and/or organizational buy-in may remain another matter entirely, but the fight goes on.

A tale of two cities - Right now, city officials Karen Hobbs and Maureen Scanlon, P.E. are presenting on their efforts to coordinate the green strategies for Chicago and Austin, respectively.

Tidbit: When Mayor Daley originally proposed a green roof on city hall several years ago, part of the opposition suggested that it was a legal liability, in case the plants blew off the roof and fell onto pedestrians below. So far, no flying-vegetation fatalities.