Straight from the Time Flies department, our friend and editorial advisor Ken Sinclair reports that his own website,, is now in its 10th year.

Many of you know that Ken and his wife, Jane, started the site as something to keep occupied in what can only loosely be described as retirement. What happened next was an object lesson supporting that old advice to be careful what you wish for. The site was a hit from the start and quickly became the virtual water cooler for the leaders in the automation sector of our industry. Ken has traveled thousands of miles and probably met as many people in his newfound home where the business and the internet meet.

In this month’s special issue, you can read Ken’s editorial about the last decade and take a look at the site’s all-time list of most-read articles. That, of course, is in addition to the usual array of contributed pieces from around the BAS world.

Congratulations to the Sinclairs on such a successful contribution to the professional discourse, and here’s to another lively decade ahead.