A reader recently called me regarding an article I wrote for the June 2008 issue ofEngineered Systemsmagazine titled, “Notre Dame Tackles The Heat.” The focus was the challenges faced by the college to install A/C in the football stadium press box, which was ultimately solved through the installation of a VRV system. The concern the reader had, was regarding ventilation.

I turned to Tim Stuver with Ideal Consolidated, Inc. (South Bend, IN) the HVAC engineer and contractor for the project. He said ventilation in the working press area of the box came from the use of operable windows. “The university did not desire to have ventilation in the main space, which is used only on game days and intermittently for special functions,” he said, adding that the restrooms utilize the Mitsubishi E-style units for exhaust makeup.

Thanks Tim for the clarification.