Harrison Aims For Sustainable Influence

Spying opportunities for increased efficiencies with minimal investment, ASHRAE’s new president has named the organization’s new theme: “Maintain To Sustain – Delivering ASHRAE’s Sustainability Promise.”


Installed in the position last month during the ASHRAE annual meeting in Salt Lake City, William Harrison is president of Trane Arkansas (Little Rock, AR).


“If the studies are accurate,” said, “we have a no-regrets method to reduce energy use in buildings by 10 to 40 percent, solely by improving building operations.


“All we have to do is communicate and educate more effectively. It is our duty. We are pledged to deliver ASHRAE’s promise of sustainability, and to do that we must maintain to sustain, we must train to sustain, and we must influence the operation of our buildings to conserve energy.”


If that sounds a little broad, then jump into the details by visiting this page, where you can find his bio, the full text of his speech, and even the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.


Back on the design side, this is a good time to remind you that ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guide is available as a free download. Their website has clocked over 88,000 downloads already, and you can’t beat the price.