If you refer back to my past Sustainable & Attainable blogs 10, 11, &12 discussing the Enhance Commissioning credit (LEED 2.2) requirement, I address the issues and concerns of providing a Systems Manual. 

Within this Manual there is a requirement that the automatic temperature control contractor provide their recommended recommissioning requirements for their automatic control devices.  Well, if you have had the opportunity to participate in a LEED project and more specifically the compiling of the Systems Manual you will know that there are three types of recommissioning methods; Recalibrate-Recall-Recycle. 

Recalibrate pertains to those devices that can be recalibrated on-site by the facility personnel.  Recall is to return the component(s) to the manufacturer for recalibration because the device cannot be recalibrated at the site.  The third and final method of recalibration you could say is a LEED oxymoron because these devices cannot be recalibrated but instead are thrown away (hopefully in a environmentally correct recycle center).

So, when the opportunity comes for you to participate in the Enhanced Commissioning credit and you take advantage of the blog information and download the associated files, you can now include a “System Component Recalibration Matrix to your LEED project Systems Manual.