I've said before that the best part of our webinars is often the Q&A, where you get to follow up on the main presentation and dig deeper into how to apply the ideas to your own situation. So you can imagine I'm a little jealous that our friend,Mission Criticaleditor Kevin Heslin, came up with this idea before I did:

Make the whole hourone big Q&A session!

That's the plan on Tuesday, November 13, at 11 a.m. Eastern, when a whopping nine experts from around the data center industry will be present to do nothing but answer questions from registrants. Pretty neat, huh?

To join in the fun, click the link below to go the event page. When you fill out the quick (and free) registration, you also submit up to two questions. So you're signed up, your questions are queued up, and then in a couple of weeks you just show up and take in the conversation.

It's sure to be enlightening with that much brain power and reader input, especially with a panel that includes our own always popular data center guru, Kevin Dickens of Jacobs' Architecture & Engineering Practice.

As always, in addition to being free, it can be worth a one-hour certification credit where applicable. Hope to see you there; I'll be swinging by to pick up some info myself.