NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. — Powers has announced the IntelliStation® Jr. digital mixing valve is now available in new 1.5- and 2-inch sizes. IntelliStation Jr. is an easy-to-install smart mixing valve that connects through the building automation system (BAS).

Passcode-protected and configurable on site, IntelliStation Jr. does not require factory pre-programming, a laptop, or special software to download for commissioning or when making adjustments to the valve.  Special features include:

•           Programmable set point range of 60°F-180°;

•           Water temperature control +/- 2° in accordance with ASSE 1017;

•           User-selected high and low temperature alerts;

•           Scheduling feature with temperature setback, saving energy and money;

•           Lead-free construction to comply with lead free installation requirement;

•           High temperature Sanitization mode to address waterborne bacteria;

•           BAS communication protocols, BACnet MS/TP and Modbus, native to the controller do not require a separate module or additional cost;

•           Wi-Fi enabled for fast and easy software upgrades; and

•           Flow capacity at 10 psi drop.


Also, the IntelliStation Jr. is self-balancing, which prevents overnight temperature creep by balancing the hot water distribution system during low- to no-demand periods. For more information, visit