TAMPA, Fla. — Leslie Controls, a CIRCOR International brand, and a manufacturer of valves for the power generation, industrial, marine, and oil and gas markets, introduced its Aeroflow High Performance Control Valves. The Aeroflow line integrates state-of-the-art aerodynamic/hydrodynamic flow design, “smart” valve technology, and a modular design concept to deliver accuracy and reliability. Aeroflow valves are ideal in combination with desuperheating systems and for power plant, industrial, and defense applications.

Aeroflow’s aerodynamic flow control valves provide Cv/size ratios previously not offered in cage-guided control valves while reducing flow turbulence and valve-generated noise. As a “smart” valve, Aeroflow features optional “dead zone” inlet/outlet for accurate, stable pressure measurements. The valves also feature digital positioning. Aeroflow’s superior shut-off characteristics are safeguarded by Leslie’s “protected” seat design, proven in more than 20 years of power plant service.

Aeroflow valves exceed ANSI Class VI shutoff, and unlike competitive valves rated for Class IV, V, or VI shut-off, Aeroflow’s pressure energized pilot balanced plug provides zero cc/min leak rates to prevent seat erosion and wire drawing. The proven pilot design also eliminates the need for any piston seals to insure tight shut-off, greatly increasing the valve’s reliability. Additionally, all Aeroflow trim modules are 100% field interchangeable — providing extraordinary flexibility and value over the life of the installation.

Using Leslie Controls’ advanced CAD/CAM manufacturing technologies, customers can specify exactly the capacity their application needs with no penalty in cost or delivery. Standard cage options include the single-stage Les-Sonic Cage for up to 25dBA noise reduction in compressible fluid applications, the Les-Cav Multi-Stage Cage to throttle liquids with maximum pressure drops up to 5000 psi, and the flexible C3 Combination Characterized Cage, which allows Leslie to provide one valve for applications where other manufacturers may require two. For more information, visit www.circor.com.