GAITHERSBURG, Md. — NEBB, an international association of certified firms and certified individuals working to verify environmental and system performance in buildings, recently entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ASHRAE. Intended to advance and promote the mutual interests of professionals engaged in the design, construction, performance verification, and operation of buildings, the MoU was signed by 2019-2020 ASHRAE president Darryl K. Boyce and 2018-2019 NEBB president Jim Whorton on Oct. 19.

The joint MoU committee selected to uphold the agreement, allowing NEBB and ASHRAE to continue to enhance their working relationship and individual efforts toward achieving mutual objectives. By committing to the ongoing advancement of collaborative projects, keeping one another informed of major initiatives, and discussing new opportunities for collaboration, both organizations will be better suited to promote adoption and widespread use of codes and standards in order to serve engineers and facilities professionals. In addition, this MoU formalizes the commitment of ASHRAE and NEBB to work together to advance research into the sustainable design, construction, and operation of health care facilities.

"NEBB has a longstanding history of working with ASHRAE to better the building industry through the promotion of procedural standards, educational programs, and similar agreements designed around cooperative efforts,” said Tiffany Suite, executive vice president, NEBB. “We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship through this strategic partnership while working with many talented professionals to build the future of our industry together.”

Boyce said the MoU reinforces the power of collaboration and provides both organizations a greater opportunity to leverage their resources.

"I look forward to continuing our partnership as we bring our unique strengths together to advance the built environment through sustainable practices,” he said. For more information, visit