BLAUVELT, N.Y. — AERCO’s Benchmark® Platinum commercial condensing boilers feature the Edge® Controller, which saves time and money on install and operating costs, simplifies startups and maintenance, and strengthens system efficiency and performance. Edge delivers numerous benefits, including valve balancing, combination plant setup through manager, Assisted Combustion Calibration, and the ability to submit service forms to AERCO directly from the app. Edge Mobile App, available on iOS and Android, enables full unit setup and control with enhanced diagnostics and capabilities.

With its combination of patented technology and innovative features, AERCO’s Benchmark Platinum commercial condensing boilers optimize hydronic systems delivering up to 9% additional efficiency. Its patented AERtrim™ O2 Trim technology enables precise combustion by self-correcting problems caused by external variables, such as fluctuations in combustion O2 levels, air temperature, occupancy/loads, and gas pressure, so units operate as they were designed and as expected. For more information, visit