CONCORDVILLE, Pa. — Southco Inc., a manufacturer of engineered access solutions, has expanded its successful line of draw latches with the addition of a heavy-duty 37 Lever Assist Latch. Designed to accommodate misalignment of heavier doors and panels, the newest 37 Lever Assist Latch provides tight latch grip and additional clamping force in challenging operating conditions.

Southco’s 37 Lever Assist Latch series features a flexible design and substantial handgrip area that allows the latch to easily engage in challenging field conditions, even with gloved hands. Constructed of corrosion-resistant, flexible, rubber, 37 latches absorb and reduce vibration and will remain closed even when the application flexes or moves.

Southco’s 37 Draw Latch series offers proven reliability in harsh outdoor environments, providing a robust, flexible latching solution for a broad range of challenging industry applications including off-highway, industrial machinery, and transportation.

“Southco’s 37 Draw Latch series allows heavy panels to be latched securely, even when there are large variations in alignment and tolerance,” said Jim Grady, global product manager. “With its rubber body construction, the 37 Draw Latch series eliminates vibration and noise and prevents common paint or finish damage that may be caused by metal-on-metal contact.”

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