FREDERICK, Md. — Building on the success of the CyberAir 3 DX, STULZ has taken energy efficiency to the next level with the launch of the CyberAir 3PRO DX Series. Offering exceptional Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) and Airflow Efficiency Ratios (AER), this enhanced range of precision cooling units ensures maximum reliability for mission critical applications as well as achieving significant savings in energy and costs.

Providing the energy-saving advantages of indirect free cooling, the Stulz GES hybrid systems are available with outputs in excess of 100 kW. These new developments offer all output levels – from 30-130 kW and the provision of cooling systems with tandem compressors — capable of handling partial loads — potentially increasing further energy savings.

The range also includes units with integrated fans, available with standard ASD (downflow) and ASU (upflow) air conduction. By optimizing the design, the units are now considerably more efficient than previous versions. 

The key design benefits of the CyberAir 3PRO DX Series include: higher cooling capacities with a minimum footprint, lower refrigerant requirements, and high sensitive cooling capacity (SHR). In addition, the units also boast the largest possible heat exchanger and filter surface areas for minimal pressure drops.

Flexibility is another significant advantage — the size, cooling capacity, air conduction, and control system can be tailored to meet the precise requirements of mission critical facilities. In addition, as the supply air temperatures of the cooling systems lie within the recommended range of between 18°-27°C, they are fully ASHRAE-compliant.

The CyberAir 3PRO DX range currently provides five different cooling options to help achieve the ideal balance between investment, operating costs, and energy efficiency. Each design is optimized to help ensure the highest levels of IT uptime in mission critical environments through cost-effective thermal control. For more information, visit