JOLIET, Ill. — ​​​​​Filtration Group HVAC announced the launch of the FP Dual-Pak, a combination filter with particulate and airborne molecular contamination performance for all types of applications.

The new AEROSTAR® FP Dual-Pak was engineered to improve IAQ by filtering at a MERV-15 particulate performance level while containing significant amounts of activated and impregnated carbon to remove nuisance odors and gaseous pollutants alike. Introducing the FP Dual-Pak to any commercial and industrial HVAC filtration system will benefit the overall IAQ of a building as well as the health of its occupants.

“The FP Dual-Pak has embedded chemistries to target VOCs, diesel exhaust, aldehydes, Ketones, and acid gas,” said Al Longton, director of sales. “These capabilities have practical benefits for restaurants and other hospitality applications with kitchens to remove the cooking smell, hospitals and airports to filter out the diesel exhaust from equipment, any applications with wildfires burning nearby, and electronics manufacturing to increase product yield by limiting contamination.”

By developing a product with media that are designed to work together, the FP Dual-Pak has energy consumption benefits as well.

“The FP Dual-Pak performs a broad spectrum of filtration with a much lower pressure drop when compared to separate MERV 15 and gas-phase filters,” said Michael Bruce, director of product management. “This reduces total cost of ownership for applications that need this level of filtration while becoming affordable to applications that don’t need it but could benefit from it. The mix of energy savings and air quality improvement aligns well with our overall mission of making the world safer, healthier, and more productive.”

The FP Dual-Pak particulate and chemical filter is manufactured in industry-standard V-bank sizes to fit all types of applications looking to make improvements in IAQ without sacrificing energy efficiency. It’s great for all types of applications where high IAQ is desired or producers of contamination exists: healthcare, restaurants and hospitality, airports, train stations, electronics manufacturing, data centers, shooting ranges, wildfire smoke abatement, and more.

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