ST. LOUIS — Nu-Calgon has added two new formulations to its line of Freez-Kontr’l propylene glycols. Freez-Kontr’l HD is a heavy-duty heat transfer fluid designed to work at a higher operating temperature for hydronic and solar applications. Freez-Kontr’l FG Clear is a dye-free, full-concentrate heat transfer fluid suitable for use in food and beverage equipment where incidental contact with food or potable water is possible.

Freez-Kontr’l HD’s specially developed formulation achieves a higher maximum operating temperature of 325°F, higher reserved alkalinity, better thermal stability, and added stability when mixed with water containing up to 350 ppm total hardness in closed-loop applications. The heavy-duty propylene glycol (70% concentration) is a pink-colored solution to aid in system leak detection. Typical applications include boiler hydronic systems, chilled hydronic systems, solar applications, sidewalk snow melting systems, thermal energy storage, process heating and cooling, refrigeration warehouse floor heating, ice rinks, and more.

Freez-Kontr’l FG Clear is NSF listed as an HT-1 fluid that is manufactured with ingredients classified as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. The product is ideal for top-off adjustments for freeze/burst protection, where existing heat transfer fluid already has a colorant added for leak detection purposes within the closed-loop system. It is a formulated concentrate (95%) propylene glycol with corrosion inhibitors. Typical applications include food and beverage equipment, HVAC systems, and process heating and cooling. For more information, visit