HOLLIS, N.H. — The Parker LM-Pro miniature proportional valve provides unparalleled flow control capabilities to meet your OEM application needs. The LM-Pro uses a patent pending linear motor actuation technology that provides exceptional resolution over a longer stroke and lower power consumption than traditional solenoid or voice coil actuation. With a linear controllable flow range from 0.5-540 slpm, pressure capability up to 100 psi (6.9 Bar), and typical power consumption of less than 2 W, the LM-Pro is a true, one-size-fits-all, proportional valve. This unrivaled performance capability combined with the simplicity of a face-mounted/ported design make the LM-Pro valve an ideal solution for your dynamic flow control needs.

Features include unparalleled controllable range, as the LM-Pro enables accurate low and high flow rate control; typical power operation under 2W; a life cycle tested to more than 100 million cycles; a lightweight, high-flow range; and its face-mount porting and optional filter reduces manifold complexity. For more information, visit www.parker.com/ppf.