TAMPA, Fla. — Leslie Controls, a CIRCOR International brand, offers dependable and effective, Constantemp steam-water heaters and LES packaged water heaters. This range of on-demand water heaters ideal for industrial shower rooms, hot water, safety shower systems, and building heat. Leslie Controls also offers unfired steam generators, ideal for clean steam applications, humidification, sterilization, food processing, and parts cleaning.

The Constantemp steam-water heater is a completely pre-piped system, supplied with properly sized accessories. The Constantemp’s central component is its feed forward blending valve, activated by a differential pressure sensing head. With accuracy of ± 3°F, the Constantemp steam-water heater is available for flows up to 120 gallons per minute (gpm) and temperatures adjustable from 105°-180°F. No storage tank is required, and the Constantemp fits through standard doorways. Available in either single- or double-wall exchanger models, Constantemp steam-water heater options include skid-mounting, a recirculation kit, and an automatic descaler as well as an insulated cover and pressure gradient monitor. The complete water heater package includes traps, strainers, a steam pressure gauge, a thermometer, and a steam pressure reducing valve for models operating with steam pressures above 15 psig.

Leslie Controls also offers the Constantemp variable pressure heater, ideal for high temperature washdowns and dishwashers. With accuracy and temperature ranges similar to the standard Constantemp, this model offers greater flows at high temperature rises and provides flows up to 60 gpm. Another option is the EconoSteam™ Constantemp heater model, an energy-saving economizer ideal for LEED-certified projects.

The LES Series Steam-Fired Water Heater can be used for steam or high-temperature-hot-water (HTHW) as heating source and features a compact size and flows to 330 gpm. With a stainless-steel tank, the LES offers ± 5°F accuracy and an industrial quality steam control valve.

Leslie Controls’ unfired steam generators produce clean steam with steam or high temperature hot water as an energy source. These steam generators are ideal for clean steam applications, humidification, sterilization, food processing, and parts cleaning. Rated for steam pressures from 0-125 psi and steam flows from 0-20,000 hours, they operate with source steam ranging from 10-125 psi and source hot water ranging from 250°-500°. Leslie Controls’ unfired steam generators are constructed in accordance with ASME codes and are available in stainless steel or carbon steel in either horizontal or vertical construction.

For more information and to learn more about the Leslie Controls line of on-demand water heaters, visit https://www.circor.com/products/other/water-heater/leslie-controls-les-packaged-water-heater.