BRUGINE, Padova — CAREL, a multinational manufacturer specializing in control solutions for the air conditioning, refrigeration, and air humidification sectors, has introduced E2V-CW, the new electronic expansion valve with copper fittings designed for transcritical CO2 applications.

The goal of reducing the environmental impact of refrigerant gases and the consequent interest in CO2, combined with the desire to reduce the costs associated with this technology, has driven the development of a new generation of high-performance components. The new E2V-CW family, featuring copper fittings, has been developed as the evolution of the previous series of high-pressure valves.

The E2V-CW is installed by simply brazing welding the special copper fittings rather than the more complex and expensive welding techniques required for stainless steel. This installation simplicity further lowers the barriers to the use of CO2 and allows OEMs of Hecu and Heos condensing units to optimize their line assembly processes using K65 copper pipes.

E2V-CW uses modulating equipercentile control, guaranteeing the utmost accuracy and a rapid response in the control of refrigeration systems. This feature is common across the entire range of CAREL ExV valves and ensures extreme precision at low cooling capacities and a fast response to sudden variations in load at high capacities. It is the only efficient solution for circuits with an extended range of modulation.

E2V-CW has a stainless steel filter supplied as standard. Furthermore, a wide range of hermetic stators is available, suitable for any type of installation. Together, these guarantee exceptional reliability for any application, even in extreme conditions. For more information, visit