BOULDER, Colo. — Surna Inc. introduced a full line of purpose-built fan coil products providing a wide range of choices for both ducted and ductless applications for small to large commercial indoor cannabis cultivation facilities.

“As Surna’s projects have become larger and more complex, we have added several products to our fan coil product family to meet the climate control needs of our customers,” said Troy Rippe, director of engineering and R&D, Surna. “These new products are part of our strategy to enhance our position as a trusted climate control advisor to our customers and offer more products and services to meet their specific requirements.”

The introduction of the IsoStreamTM product family allows Surna to serve:

1.         Ductless environments, where climate control systems circulate water, not air; and

2.         Ducted environments that provide economical solutions while still serving multiple grow rooms.

Surna provides efficient and economical environmental control systems across a larger array of indoor cannabis cultivation facilities. The company’s new, whisper-quiet fan coil units use electronically commutated motors (ECMs) to optimize airflow while specialized chilled water modulating valves are used to fine-tune for minimizing energy consumption. For more information, visit