CAMPO SAN MARTINO, Italy — Arneg Group’s Arneg Nordic has agreed to purchase 70% of the shares in Plug-In Norge AS. As a result, Vibocold Plug-In Norge AS will change its name to Plug-In Norge AS and become active part of Arneg Nordic.

Plug-In Norge operates in Norway and strengthens the Arneg Group’s commercial refrigeration and complete equipment offerings for the retail sector.

“Arneg Nordic welcomes the dedicated and well-known Plug-In Norge team to Arneg Group,” said Niklas Rindhagen, deputy managing director, Arneg Nordic. “For Arneg Nordic, the cooperation with Plug-In Norge is a natural development on the path to continue the scope of products and customer service in Norway. With refrigeration products and services that make every day easier for the customer and more energy friendly for our common planet, we all look forward to meet the high expectations from our existing and new clients.”

Plug-In Norge was established in 2015 and specializes in plug-in refrigeration and freezing cabinets for the commercial market in Norway and thus perfectly complements Kelvin AS, which is Arneg Nordic specialist in turn-key refrigeration projects in Norway.

Already a distributor of Arneg Nordic and Oscartielle, Plug-In Norge is located in Tönsberg.

Arneg Group looks forward to a continued expansion and development of the plug-in products range with a special focus on customer satisfaction in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

All employees in Plug-In Norge will continue their work for the business.

“We at Plug-In Norge are excited to continue to develop innovative plug-in solutions for the Norwegian market as a part of the Arneg family,” said Per Otto Gjertsen, managing director, Plug-In Norge. “Our experienced team at Plug-In Norge will remain in place to run the day to day business in Norway and together with our colleagues at Kelvin AS, we will offer our customers access to the widest portfolio of products, services and expertise within the commercial refrigeration business in Norway.”

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