HINGHAM, Mass — Russelectric, a Siemens business and manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, opened a full-scale, hands-on training center for customers and field service technicians. Russelectric experts at the network-integrated Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, facility now offer instruction on how to use a wide range of Russelectric equipment, including automatic transfer switches, power control circuit breakers, switchgear, and emergency power systems.

The center serves as a state-of-the-art interactive campus for the rigorous training and retraining of Russelectric’s capable field service corps. Experienced field service and engineering professionals simultaneously instruct theory in a digitally integrated classroom setting, as well as practice on equipment as part of an intensive curricula. All Russelectric equipment operates as though installed in the field and simulates function and malfunction scenarios, providing valuable and applicable hands-on training. However, no equipment bears actual power loads, eliminating arc flash danger for risk-free study. The facility is networked with SCADA and PROFINET, so trainees develop skills using the latest industrial communication technologies.

Customers interested in training at the center can contact a Russelectric sales representative for more information. For more about Russelectric products and field service, visit www.russelectric.com.