BELOIT, Wis. — Regal Beloit Corporation, a manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation equipment, and power transmission components, announces the release of the new Genteq Evergreen VS product line of variable-speed replacement motors.

Genteq Evergreen motors are reliable, easy-to-install, electronically commutated motor (ECM) retrofits designed for use in residential and light commercial HVAC systems. Evergreen VS motors are highly efficient, pre-programmed, dual-voltage, dual-rotation motors that provide both versatility and ease of installation. 

The Evergreen VS motor and Evergreen VS user interface are designed to replace Genteq constant airflow (variable-speed) ECM indoor blower motors. The Evergreen VS product line is designed specifically to replace Genteq models 2.3, Eon® and 3.0 motors. These motors represent a large volume of variable-speed motors currently used in HVAC original equipment manufacturer (OEM) indoor blower motor applications. 

“I’m excited about Regal’s new line of Evergreen VS motors,” said Birch Taylor, distribution business unit vice president, Regal. “They are versatile 16-pin and four-pin truck-stock ECM blower motors built to the Genteq quality standards found in OEM equipment. The Evergreen VS line is a proud member of the ECM Made Easy family of innovative aftermarket solutions.”

Millions of OEM variable-speed motors could be replaced with just five parts on a service truck. With the expansion of the Evergreen line with the new variable-speed motor solution, it is now even easier to reduce on-truck inventory and complete more calls on the same day without driving to retrieve a part.

The Evergreen VS motor and Evergreen VS user interface (5K010) are used together to replace the Genteq model 2.3 or Eon motor. The Evergreen VS motor is a direct replacement for the Genteq model 3.0 motor.



STOCK #        HP           VOLTS          FLA             ROTATION         RPM        FRAME

6503V             ⅓            120/240          5.0/2.8          CCW/CW            1,050       NEMA 48

6505V             ½             120/240          7.78/4.3        CCW/CW            1,050       NEMA 48

6507V             ¾            120/240          10.1/6.1        CCW/CW            1,050       NEMA 48

6510V             1             120/240          12.8/7.4        CCW/CW            1,050       NEMA 48



 STOCK # 5K010

The Evergreen VS motor and Evergreen VS user interfaces are designed for use in the following types of HVAC systems:

  • Furnace, air handler, and package units;
  • Fossil fuel, electric strip heat, air conditioning, heat pump, and geothermal units;
  • When replacing 2.3 or Eon motors, Evergreen VS motors can only be used in single-stage or two-stage HVAC systems; and
  • When replacing 3.0 motors, Evergreen VS motors can be used in single-stage, multistage, modulating and communicating HVAC systems.

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