RectorSeal LLC has introduced the RectorSeal HVACR (RSH) Series of surge protective devices (SPD). The permanently-installed RSH Series is designed to protect all single phase, 120/240-V air conditioning, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split systems (DMSS) from transient over-voltage and natural-cause surges.

The UL 1449 listed RSH Series’ inaugural products are the RSH-50 that protects from up to 50,000-amp single surges and up to 10,000-amp repetitive surges; and the RSH-60 that protects from up to 60,000-amp single surges and 20,000-amp repetitive surges. Both models use diagnostic LED lights. The RSH-50’s LED glows green to indicate operational status. The RSH-60 also has a green LED, plus a red LED and an audible alarm if the SPD is no longer providing protection.

The RSH Series is weather-rated under NEMA 4X and can be installed within minutes to the nearby outdoor disconnect box’s knockout access with an included .5-inch nipple and wired to the contactors. The RSH-50 can also be mounted inside the condenser with an included stainless steel bracket and wired directly. The RSH-60’s molded polymer shell has two screw-hole tabs for fastening to the condenser interior. The company says that both the RSH-50 and the RSH-60 have compact dimensions that can be installed nearly anywhere.