DewAir Corp. has introduced the RH-Cube 18, a split-system mechanical dehumidifier that uses a compact, energy-efficient counter-flow heat exchanger for dedicated humidity control. Company officials claim the RH-Cube 18 reduces air conditioning energy costs up to 55% and increases IAQ for restaurants, hotels, schools, health care clinics, athletic facilities, offices, grow-ops, factories, museums, warehouses, residences, and many other applications with small to medium spaces requiring humidity control.

The 18,000-Btuh, 600-cfm unit independently supplements any air conditioning system by removing up to 206 lbs and 273 lbs (93 or 123-kg) of moisture/day at 45% and 60% rh, respectively. The RH-Cube 18 uses an R-410A refrigeration circuit/cooling coil to condense airborne moisture. Its counter-flow heat exchanger energy-efficiently recovers return air heat to warm the cooled discharge air slightly below the room’s comfort zone temperature.    

Currently sold factory direct to HVAC contractors, the RH-Cube 18 is installed using the same tools and techniques of any split-system air-conditioning system. The 1-1/2-ton condenser is 220-V single-phase and the 120-V indoor air handler includes a grounded plug for connecting to any nearby electrical outlet. The condenser can be installed up to 82 feet away and 50 feet high from the indoor air handler. The unit’s condensate pan is gravity drained, however secondary pans, P-traps, and condensate pumps can easily be added to comply with local codes. The RH-Cube 18’s static pressure and cfms are designed for 3 feet or more of 12-inch xby18-inch rectangular supply/return duct. The unit uses duct to only penetrate the common wall shared by its dedicated mechanical room and the space targeted for dehumidification.  

--DewAir Corp.