RenewAire has introduced the DN Series, a non-compressorized, fully-integrated dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) using ERV with static plate enthalpy core technology. The company says the DN Series is designed for sensible and latent load management that can reduce air conditioning equipment tonnage by up to 25% in healthcare, educational, multi-family, and other commercial building applications.

The DN Series is designed to offer a modular and configurable DOAS. Configurations can mix-and-match any combinations of a variety of cooling coil methods, hot gas reheat module, gas or electric heating sections, and fan strategies. Besides a traditional draw-through airflow configuration, engineers also have the option of a plenum fan blow-through for a better cross-sectional air delivery and up to 95% coil coverage. 

The DN Series is available in a DN-2 (375-1,650 cfm), DN-3 (750-3,300 cfm), and DN-5 (1,125-4,950 cfm) enthalpy core array models for both indoor mechanical room or rooftop locations. Cabinets are available in 1-inch-thick R-6 or 2-inch-thick, thermal break R-14 foam insulated double walls constructed of 20-ga. galvanized steel rated for 1,000-hour salt spray protection or with a 2,500-hour option.  

The DN-Series’ is certified under AHRI-1060 and fulfills requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). It can also add to a project’s LEED credits as well as qualify for WELL Certified and WELL Compliant standards.