Sustainability represents many themes to many people. While some have a vested interest in maintaining continued success, others are committed to sustaining for the common good, whether it’s the elimination of poverty, preserving the environment, or other valuable causes. Sustainability means that a process or state can be maintained at a certain level for as long as it’s wanted. On a much smaller sustainability stage, I jotted down a few of the complicated HVAC industry initiatives that face the sustainability challenge:

  1. Integrated project delivery (IPD) without a special contract;
  2. Construction management is not IPD; and
  3. Contract documents without the threat of errors and omissions.

Integrated project delivery without a special contract: IPD has language in the contract between the owner-design and team-builder that says teamwork must be sustained. Everyone working as a team can apply to construction management (CM) and design-build (DB) project delivery methods but without the added financial incentive. Think about it, the building owner funds a large amount of money to pay a team of professionals to deliver a quality product that meets the building program. If you go out and purchase a product, don’t you expect it to work correctly? Whether the product cost $40 or $40,000, shouldn’t it be procured complete and operating as intended?