Harvey, CEO, PassiveLogic, will examine present and future trends regarding artificial intelligence in the built environment


The inaugural AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo is a unique event spotlighting the latest design & building processes, products, and emerging technologies. This interactive, three-day convention — scheduled for April 30 to May 2 in Rosemont, Illinois — is designed to inform and inspire today’s entire building team, from innovative and influential architects to engineers, contractors, facility managers, owners, and more.

Educational sessions will include six separate tracks focused on HVACR/mechanical systems, building envelope, general contracting, flooring, plumbing, and roofing. As an attendee, you will walk away from this event with the connections and knowledge necessary to leverage tomorrow’s building processes and construction technologies.

Leading up to the event, Engineered Systems will showcase several of the presenters in the HVACR/mechanical systems track on www.esmagazine.com.


Troy Harvey

Troy Harvey is the CEO of PassiveLogic, where he is driving the development of our platform for autonomous buildings. For the last 15 years, he worked at the forefront of the high-performance buildings space, collaborating with architects and engineers to build and develop HVAC systems, building envelopes, and automation systems for numerous award winning building designs, several of which have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NAHB Magazine, Dwell, and Building America Program.

At 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 2, Harvey will present “Autonomous Buildings will Reshape the Marketplace.”

“Autonomous buildings are a monumental leap over mere building automation,” Harvey said. “Built around the actual physics of building components and occupants, PassiveLogic’s on-board intelligence makes real-time, optimized control decisions and self-commissions the building, all without necessitating time-consuming and error-prone manual programming.”

Harvey believes the automation industry is at a breaking point, which makes the timing of this presentation so crucial.

“Buildings are the most complex systems in the world and getting more complex every year,” Harvey. “Yet our tools for managing this complexity haven’t evolved sufficiently in decades. In fact, the control ‘state space’ in today's buildings is provably impossible to solve with conventional means, which explains why projects often turn into ‘death spirals’ with finger pointing between stakeholders.”

Harvey said PassiveLogic will be introducing a new model of “whole building automation” that will be built on an autonomous platform for control using digital twins at AEC BuildTech. He noted that autonomous controls have four key wins for the industry.

“These controls save 90% of the man-hours to program, deploy, and commission systems, making the automation business more profitable; they enable a wider range of labor skill and market space, enabling the small-to-mid sized buildings market; they provide design guarantees for architects and engineers, digitally check-pointed through the construction life cycle; and they continuously self-commission and automatically provide self-describing analysis, not just analytics.”

Those considering attending should definitely commit the time, said Harvey.

“Keeping abreast of new technology is vital for evolving our industry and making buildings better,” he said. “We can’t wait to give attendees a glimpse of their future, and participate in the energy that comes from a multi-disciplinary conference.”


  • Explain how autonomous building platforms change automation, commissioning, and HVAC control;
  • Describe what digital twins is and how it provides deep insight into our most valuable assets: buildings;
  • Explain how future-forward control systems work; and
  • Enable buildings to be human-responsive.