Nu-Calgon’s A/C ReStart is a specially formulated treatment designed to assist in air conditioning R-22 retrofits. According to company reps, A/C ReStart eliminates oil change-out by boosting oil return when using R-407C, R-427A, and other refrigerants.

A/C ReStart is a polyol ester (POE) lubricant-based treatment that includes Nu-Calgon’s Rx-Acid Scavenger® technology.  It is designed to boost oil return within the system, as well as address trace acids, when converting to R-410A refrigerant is not an economic option for the system’s owner.  

A/C ReStart comes in two available packages. The traditional four-ounce can installs with the use of Nu-Calgon’s A/C Re-New® Injector Tool. Another option is A/C ReStart Connect Inject, which is a one-time disposable version that injects into the system using the Connect Injector Tool.