Fujitsu General America has introduced new medium static pressure duct indoor units for their single-zone Halcyon mini-split line. This new RGLX line features sufficient static pressure to heat or cool a whole house. Units are available in seven sizes ranging from 12,000 to 48,000 Btuh, with efficiency ratings up to 21.3 SEER.
Compact size and broad capacity range make the medium static mini-splits applicable to a wide range of applications, according to company reps. The evaporators are slim enough to fit most ceiling spaces, making them ideal for hidden installations, while the condensing units can be installed below a window or in a narrow space.  
The new mini-split models can be installed in applications that require static pressure up to 0.80 inch wg., and offer maximum piping lengths of up to 246 feet. A built-in drain pump with 33.5 inches of vertical lift comes standard. Heating operation is rated down to -5˚F outdoor temperature.

Through the wired or wireless controller, automatic airflow adjustment function can be selected, in which the unit detects required airflow and automatically adjusts the flow. Installers can select from two- or three-wire control via a dipswitch on indoor unit. The 12, 18, and 24,000 Btuh RGLX models are Energy Star qualified.  

--Fujitsu General America